300 followers sale and giveaway!!!

Heya guys! As promised I will be hosting a giveaway as we hit 300 followers of my shop​:tada::tada:. Thank you so much!!!
As I said before, I will be giveing away one of every paid pattern in my shop (excluding bundles) to each winner (1×pattern per winner), so all you need to do is follow my shop and keep checking your patterns. I will announce the winners later today, so be sure to follow my shop to be added to the giveaway.

Also, dont worry about not winning, because for a joint celebration of 300 followers and cyber week, every paid pattern in my shop is a whopping 70% off until the 6th of December. Be sure to buy them now, as sales following this will not be as low.

Once again thank you!!!


I would love to join! I love ur patterns sm and congtatsss u deserve it