A bigger Vent chat.

This topic will be about venting, If you are sensitive to sh, addiction, abuse or other things, this might not be best chat for you, others will put a trigger. warning (tw) and maybe even put your favorite quote ill go first
Tw: legal kidnapping, light mental abuse and gaslighting

So about 4-5 years ago, I was 5-6 my family called cps on my mom, she is fine she is the best, better than other parents. I was taken from her with no explanation except I was going to see here within a month or so, every Thursday I got to see her in a visitor center, but at the time my brother was 4-5 For the longest of times clock ticking was a big trigger for me. and the people who took ‘care’ of me cry in my room, and when I was sick I couldn’t go out of my room, and had to watch the same 2-6 Disney movies on dvd. they wouldn’t let me and my brother cuddle. i had no freedom. the reason for the clock ticking is bc there was a clock in the visiting room and when I would just cuddle my mom the ticking would b there. telling me that time would run out. i believe 6-7 months later my grandma took me while my mom fought for me and my brother. mind you she was one of the three people that called cps. I am now with my mom safe and sound, life is doing better but I still get overwhelmed with the world. A clock ticking is less triggering as now I just think of a time that things weren’t to good, but now they are. I hope you guys are alright in the end as well.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end” - popular by John Lennon