A have a question for everyone

Ok so I have a question and I have my own opinion about it, but I want to hear yours:

Can you get someone else’s pattern, make a few small/medium changes, and then turn around and sell it as your own? What if you combined patterns then sold them?

What about the argument that all patterns are similar anyways? No one pattern can be original because people have already done something similar, so is it really stealing someone’s pattern?

I had someone suggest this to me but I don’t completely agree. Inspiration is different than remaking someone’s direct pattern. Even if there are no laws against it, it’s still morally wrong in my eyes.


I totally agree! I would hate if someone had ripped off my pattern and claimed it as their own. Now taking inspiration is one thing (example the famous TikTok bee is something that so many people wrote a pattern for) but bundling patterns or tweaking a pattern to sell it is wrong in my opinion. :upside_down_face:


A lot of people will say that the pattern is not to be changed or modified in the terms of use but if they don’t say anything about that then you should be able to but it depends what and how much your changing and you should credit them

Edit I didn’t read the whole post: I’ve definitely used techniques from patterns to make a completely different pattern but if your combining two patterns and not using any original designing you shouldn’t sell the pattern for profit unless the original designers say you can but even if they do it’s not really your pattern and I personally don’t think that’s right


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I had this question once and just asked the designer of the pattern. . it worked out great because the response was that small changes were no.problem. The issue of calling it mine didn’t really come up because I wasn’t going to anyway. Hope this helps


I agree! If your making small changes for yourself and your preferences that’s fine but I wouldn’t be okay with selling it as your pattern


Tweaking a pattern for personal use ONLY is fine, but not for reselling. Morally it feels wrong since designers put so much work into their patterns.

That being said, all crochet shapes have basic techniques in how they are made. The job of a designer is to take those basic principles to create something of their own in a new way.

I’ve seen patterns that look similar, but when it comes down to reading them, they are completely different. There’s always another way to do something. Its all about experimenting. :slight_smile:


I agree personal use is fine but reselling is totally wrong