A moment that last a lifetime (A micro memoir and I'm pretty sure I stole the name from a commercial for like disneyworld or smth 💀)

My head was resting on his shoulder. It’s a very bony shoulder, but makes a good pillow nonetheless. The chatter of the other kids filled the air around us, as I was absorbed in my thoughts, eyes closed, music playing in my ears. At one point, he accidentally brushed my forehead with his finger. I swooned, obviously. It’s physical touch, what can I say. I never actually fell asleep, I learned the hard way that I need the window seat to sleep on the bus. Naturally, I allowed my mind to wander and I kept coming back to the same trip last year, also on the way home.

My head was resting on his shoulder as well, but that time we were dating. We had talked the whole hour and a half back home. Our faces were sunburned and we were exhausted. However this year, we were just enjoying each other’s presence… altough I’m not entirely ure he was awake for the whole trip. His head ended up resting on mine slightly a few times- seeing as he was probably asleep- but his headphones wouldn’t allow him to fully rest his head on mine even if he wanted to. I wrote two things on the way home that evening, a poem and a one liner that simply would not leave my mind.