A new handbook on the go! - I need testers

To every crochet pal out there!

Hi, I’m Silvia, an Italian university student that for her graduation final project designed and created a multimedial amigurumi handbook. I’m here to ask you to look at it, use it and review it!

You can download the PubReader app for Android and IOS, and then get the handbook file. (All files are absolutely safe and virus-free) Now you can open the handbook on tablet and smartphone and enjoy it! Later you have to review the handbook through a Google form and if you want, you can leave your thoughts in comments down here.

If you are interested, you can contact me @SiPi3 to get the handbook file and the review form

This is a beta version so some features could be lacking, for this reason I absolutely need your help. In addition, in some videos there could be untranslated text but this won’t affect the understanding, anyway I’m even working on a better translation.

Everyone help is really needed and truly appreciated. Join the crowd!