A Question to Pattern Designers

Hello there! If any pattern designer or pattern writer sees this, I have a few questions I would like to ask.

I’ve actually been planning to sell some crochet plushies I have made, and will make in the future (though not under this account name). However, there are some things I’m not so sure about. Hopefully it’s okay to ask it here for several people to see.

So finally, the questions:
When you make a pattern and state that you allow people to sell the product they created using it, is there a specific limit in mind? I ask this since some do not give any limit.
I am aware though that some do specifically mention that they allow only in small quantities. If so, what would the max number for this usually be if not specified?

Furthermore, what if let’s say someone does monthly restocks. Is it okay for them to sell something using someone else’s pattern several times, or for it to appear again in other months? Of course, keeping in mind the limit to the number of plushies made.

I want my (future) small shop to be fair to pattern designers since I have yet to make my own. I don’t want to accidentally oversell or overuse a pattern made by someone else when I start it. I am very new to all of this, so I’m sorry if I have a lot of questions and hopefully I get some answers that could help me!

Thank you for reading through this and answering my many questions, if you have.
I would just like to add, that I do plan on perhaps messaging the specific designers of the patterns I would like to use for my future shop to make sure of their opinions on their pattern use. I’m just not sure if all will be able to see my message, so I made this community post! ☆ Thank you so much!!


Very conscious and nice of you!

Just to let you know, with the new update on Ribblr you can now sell makes - and you can only sell makes from patterns you legally acquired, which is unfortunately something that often doesn’t happen on other platforms.

Further more, when you do sell, it is linked to the pattern so provides not just real visible credit but also exposure for the designer and the pattern. The makes are also displayed on the pattern’s listing, helping more people see how beautiful the design is and encourages them to buy the pattern too.

Finally, designers on Ribblr get paid royalties when you sell makes using their designs!


If someone limits the quantity, I would ask them directly, as a few might not be the same number for everyone.

Personally I don’t mind if people sell what they make with my patterns, as long as they credit me and they don’t distribute the pattern. If they decide to make it a permanent item in their shop that’s great. I just want to make sure I’m given proper credit and people know they’re buying something I designed.


Aw thank you! All my life I was taught that it is very important to give credit to the original creator of anything that we reference or use. So, this mindset stayed with me even until now!

Ooh yes, I was able to read about the new features here on Ribblr. I love it, especially since it really gives appreciation and even royalties to pattern makers. So, if the pattern is posted up on here, I would definitely choose to sell the finished product here as well.


Alright, I will do that then! There are definitely a lot of different opinions on what the number of limitations would be. It’s quite interesting actually. I also did not expect some designers, like you, would be okay with it as a permanent item. So, it definitely would be a good thing to ask directly!


I only started making patterns a few months ago, but I honestly never thought about setting a limit on plushies made with my patterns. You went through the work that it took to make the item, so that should count for something, right?

It’s definitely something to think about, so thanks for asking!


Ooh I definitely see what you mean. Also, thank you for answering! I really appreciate everyone sharing their thoughts and opinions on this!