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Does anyone have some wips, or finished pieces they’d like to share? heres my most recent wip :3


Soo cool! I’d show some but I’m not home right now


oo yeah, ill send over some pictures of watercolour i finished last night aswell~


I’ve made some OCs that I need to finde but once I do I will post them here lol


I found one of them and I will put the info on it that I got for the prompt and everything


Name: Leafstar

Gender: Non-binary (uses xe/xem / they/them pronouns)

Sexuality: Gay

Rank: Leader

Age: 62 Moons

Leafstar is a small scrawny cat. Xyr fur is a shaded black/gray, with 1 white stripe down xyr back looking like a skunk. Xe has a completely white tail that is extremely long. He has a broad face with large bright blue beady eyes. He has a clear muscular tone in xyr voice and a noticeably tangy scent. Leafstar is considered unattractive by most, especially in xyr own clan. Leafstar values power the most. Xe is very extroverted. In conversations, xe is outgoing, dramatic, and helpful. Xe is guided by xyr heart, often rash and temperamental. Xyr’s world view is mostly pessimistic. Xe is cheerful, humble, well meaning, unaggressive, fearful, hateful and intelligent. Xe rips apart xyr prey as xe prefers eating smaller pisces, which leaves a mass. Leafstar us a vocal advocate for peace and would go against the Warrior Code ti secure it. Xe would like to have kittens but doesn’t like the idea of having a mate.

Fighting 5/10

Hunting 2/10

Fishing 2/10

Climbing 2/10

Swimming 5/10

Tracing 5/10

Stealth 7/10

Leafkit was born to xyr mother, Oatspring and xyr father, Ryeacorn along with xyr sister, Olivekit and xyr brother, Softkit. Xyr relationship with xyr sister was great, xe often listened to the elders’ stories with Olivekit. Xyr relationship with xyr brother was great, xe often listened to the elders’ stories with Softkit. Oatspring was kind, while Ryeacorn was spoiling xem. Leafkit was very close with Oatspring and never bonded much with Ryeacorn. Xe first really talked to Reedpaw shortly before xe became an apprentice. They never interacted in the nursery due to how antisocial Reedpaw happened to be. Leafkit wanted to help bring her out of her shell, so Leafkit went ahead and introduced xemself as Reedpaw’s first friend. Every time she was alone, Leafkit would slide in and start conversations with her. They enjoyed each other’s company and became very close. During xyr kithood, Leafkit spent a lot of time with the apprentices, trying to learn their training ahead of time.

Leafkit reached the age of an apprentice and became Leafpaw. Xe received Skyfur as xyr mentor. He was harsh on xem and unfortunately sometimes pushed too hard. Skyfur mostly focused on tracking while somewhat neglecting climbing. Leafpaw and Reedpaw supported each other throughout their apprenticeship and remained very close friends. Leafpaw was in the middle of xyr apprenticehood when xyr father, Ryeacorn encountered an enemy Clan cat and was slain in the battle. Leafpaw missed xyr father but coped quite well.

Leafpaw became Leafnut, Olivepaw became Oliveivy and Softpaw became Softbelly. One day, Leafnut went on a patrol with xyr mother, Oatspring. They found an hostile rogue, which decided to attack Leafnut. Oatspring dove in front of the rogue and took the blow which was meant for Leafnut. She managed to stay alive for long enough to tell Leafnut her last words. Leafnut felt very sad afterwards and was somewhat withdrawn for a couple of moons. Xe got a crush on the medicine cat, Shiningstep, but forced xemself to get over it, even if it did make interacting with the medicine cat somewhat awkward for a while.

Xe thought a cat from another Clan was cute. Xe ate a piece of poisoned prey, which made xem very sick. The perpetrator was never found out. Leafnut got an apprentice with the name of Robinpaw. Xe became a deputy at the age of 26 because of xyr values after the old one died in battle. Leafnut became a leader with the name of Leafstar at the age of 44 and is generally considered to be a cat that doesn’t know how to lead.

Mother: Oatspring - a twany and golden she-cat (dead)

Father Ryeacorn - a white tom with pale fawn patches (dead)

Sister Oliveivy - a very pale chocolate she-cat (alive)

Brother Softbelly - a cream and yellow mackerel tabby tom (alive)


Dang your put so much effort into xyr backstpry and design!! I love 'em! I dont have many official drawings of my ocs but ill try to find em :3


Well I found a randomizer and I copied and pasted the info about the character and then I had to use a base for the character because if I did it from scratch it would look so bad rn because I am bad at the moment


Woweeee so cool!
I know im late to the party but heres my current wip :sweat_smile: im trying to get better with drawing people, and trying to find my style. Also found a cat tutorial to try out mid-drawing :joy: any tips are welcome!


If got this unfinished wip


Aw!!! Amazing!


Oooo :0


Its not done, and hasnt been done for a month pr two now


what’s a wip


Work In Progress :blush:


ooohh that makes sense


This is whatever lol


Im very proud of the mouth


I found this drawing in one of my old sketchbooks


Thats cute!


ty <3

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