A strange encounter (poem)

I walked past a stranger

It felt strange

It wasn’t an ordinary stranger

I knew everything about them,

They’re dream career,

Dream college,

Their hobbies,

Favorite color,

What they loved and disliked,

Their favorite animal,

Their style,

What made this encounter unique,

Was I didn’t recognize them,

Everything changed,

They gave up on what they wanted to do,

Their smile,

Their hair,

Their clothes,

What they loved and disliked changed,

Everything about them,


I felt pity for them

Wondering to myself,

Why did you change for others?

You’re a complete stranger now,

For what?

To please others?

I said this as I looked in the mirror,

After having walked past it,

I felt like a stranger to myself.

This is what made the encounter unique,
I pitied myself, and felt like a stranger.


wish i could say “nah i don’t relate” but i CAN relate :clown_face: