Abbreviations Bug

I’m loving this platform and am excited to be a part of it.

I’m having an issue with the abbreviations. The main stitch in the pattern, hhdc, isn’t being picked up and is not being included in the abbreviations. As well as hhdc2tog.

Is there a way to manually enter it?


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Thank you for reporting!
This probably happened because hhdc is not in our database yet, so we will just add it in.
We keep expanding our database as we grow, and it’s important to us to get feedback from the community.
Regarding adding stitches manually, this is not available yet, but what I suggest for special stitches, is to add an informational line describing them in the beginning of your pattern. You can even add a picture or a video showing the stitch to that line.

If you find any more stitches that are missing and are not picked up by the system, please let us know!

Lir :purple_heart:

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Thank you!
That’s exactly what I did! Added an info line with instructions.

Treble Crochet - TC was not picked up either

Thanks you! Treble crochet is on the system under it’s official abbreviation: ‘tr’.
You can see the full list of stitches that are on our system and their official abbreviation at the top of the ‘Crochet’ page on Ribblr.

Hope that helps!


Hi Ashley!

Just wanted to give you a quick update: We added support for Herringbone stitches, so you’ll now be able to find them in the abbreviation list.
They should also be picked up by the software, so you can check it in your pattern. :purple_heart: