About the Combat Crochet space

Welcome to Combat Crochet! A place where you can come without judgement, without negativity or hate! It’s a place where people who share a common love for crochet and art!

My goal is to make this space my central hub for networking, collaborating, sharing ideas and patterns and to connect with anyone that would like to learn how to crochet. I am a 15 year Combat Veteran, with multiple deployments, so my heart is for Veterans and Military Members, but I am trying to spread joy and positivity to everyone. Be kind to each other, treat everyone with respect and love and let’s spread peace to the world!

  • Why should people use this space? What is it for?

Anyone can use this space to meet new people, collaborate, network and learn how to crochet.

  • What should topics in this space generally contain?

Crochet, Knit, Art, Music and anything that promotes peace, love and respect.