About the Testing zone and how to test patterns on Ribblr

Post your pattern tester calls, and offer to be a tester.

Testing patterns on Ribblr

Designers: head over to your shop, click the settings icon next to the relevant pattern and click gift pattern. Enter the username of your tester, add a message and click the “send gift” button. Testers will be notified immediately.
Testers can access patterns, even draft/unpublished ones, directly from within their patterns library. If you make a change in your pattern it will automatically be updated for all testers!

Crafters: you can find all patterns on your patterns library. Found errors in the pattern or have a suggestion to make? Get in touch with the designer directly from within the pattern by clicking the help icon.


I would like to make myself available to test any patterns-I do amigurumi, and anything crochet.