Adding skill level ?

Hi !

Love this new platform and I am still finding out how it all works. Can’t wait to see what happens when it goes live !

I was wondering, if there is a possibility to add ‘advanced beginner’ at the skill level section for patterns. Lots of my crochet patterns are stated to be suited for advanced beginners.

Happy Sunday everyone !



Hey @Millionbellscrochet and welcome to Ribblr!

This is an interesting suggestion and we’ll definitely consider this.
For the time being, we believe that having the three major skill levels as a standard makes Ribblr more user-friendly. If you think your pattern doesn’t quite fit into one of the main three skill levels, you can add additional information in the ‘intro’ section which will be available on the pattern’s product page so crafters can read it before buying the pattern!

If you need anything else we’re here for you :hugs:
Feel free to share your WIP and suggestions or report bugs/issues.

Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you’ll be considering my request for the future.
I understand you want to keep Ribblr as user friendly as you can. :slight_smile:

I have added skill level in the intro section of the pattern page(s), that should work if crafters read it all before buying. :smiley: We’ll see.

BTW, thanks for featuring my whale ! :heart: