Adding videos to patterns?

I have been thinking about adding super quick free patterns that I have been making for a few family members that have asked me to teach them how to crochet. My sister is in a different state so it’s a lot of me trying to send a video from my phone etc. When I wanted to add a video to a pattern here I noticed it was too long or too big of a file. No big deal but I wonder is it just easier to upload it to youtube? I am not looking to like be a youtuber or anything just wondering if that is an easier way to host videos and link them? I just don’t want to have to go through every time and deal with trying to shave off time or format for size. I just want to make them super beginner-friendly but I’ve never posted a video on you tube either.


There is a limit to videos in size (not length) though normally videos are split to steps so most people don’t reach it.
For long videos I would recommend hosting on Youtube and linking. You can keep it unlisted on Youtube so it’s not visible on Youtube and only via the pattern.


Oh great thanks! I am sure it was just the size because it wasn’t long but it was stuck on the highest definition setting so I am sure it was gigantic.


Yeah probably! new phones tend to do that, film 4k at like 120fps which then a 30 sec file could be over 1GB!