Advice on Making a Gift

Hello! So, my sister is going away to college next month. I’m becoming increasingly sad to see her go and want to give her a super cool gift now that I know how to crochet. I only have about 4 weeks worth of knowledge in me about amigurumi, but my mom says it’d be more practical to gift her a blanket instead. With that in mind, I’d like to know what you guys would say is the best and softest yarn to work with as a beginner to making blankets, and if there are any specific tutorials you would recommend? I love my sister very much and want to send her off to her first year of college with something awesome!


So my first thought is go with what you know… Plus, if my sibling would have given me a handmade amigurumi I would have loved it just as much as a blanket… Yes, blankets are nice/practical but sometimes it’s the “frivolous” and impractical that help you feel better when homesick…
But… To answer your actual question, you could use Bernat Blanket yarn and a 6.5mm or 7mm hook with a simple stitch to make it quicker and easier… It’ll also be warm and soft…


Thank you for your reply! I was honestly pretty excited to make her a plushie but lost some of my fire over it when my mom suggested otherwise. Idk, I’ll think on it a little further but will definitely keep your advice in mind when I go to the store tomorrow! Would you say bernat is easier or harder to grip than something like premier jumbo parfait yarn? That’s the biggest yarn I’ve handled so far


If you decide on a blanket you can get bernat blanket extra and hand knit! You don’t need any knitting knowledge at all because the tutorials are super easy. They also work up super fast!


I’ve actually never used that yarn… And I’m probably not there one to answer how easy it is to use yarn as my RA causes all yarn work to be painful :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m sure your sister will love whatever you make… Have fun!


I can tell you’re putting a lot of thought into this gift and I’m sure your sister will love whatever you decide make for her. Bernat blanket works great for amigurumi as well as actual blankets so I think it’s a good suggestion for either project.


Okay, thank you! That settles it that I’ll buy it tomorrow then!


since your time challenged at the moment, do your first thought and then work on a blanket for Christmas ;).