After Oz, Chapter 4 and 5

After Oz

Chapter 1 After Oz
Chapter 2 After Oz, chapter 2
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As discussed in previous chapters,
Elphaba is represented by E
Fiyero is represented by F

Chapter 4
It’s A Feeling

E: (Wakes up nauseous) Fiyero, I don’t feel well. (Burps)
F: Mmm, (stretches and yawns) d’you need help?
E: (Burps) Maybe ( She walks to the bathroom on unstable feet, she stumbles)
F: (Notices, jumps out of bed and strides to Elphaba and helps her to the bathroom) Sit here. ( Grabs a ribbon and pulls Elphaba’s hair back )
E: (Burps, gags, then leans over the toilet and retches)

Later in the day
F: My love, sit down, let me do it.
E: But-
F: No buts, I’m worried about you.
E: We don’t even know what happened! I probably just ate some bad food.
F: Still, i’m not going to let you get hurt. Now, sit down
E: Fine, but can you get me those blue anti nausea berries?
F: The ones with green and yellow stems right?
E: Yes
F: Here. ( Hands the berries to her)

Chapter 5
A Gain and Loss

Months after, it became apparent that Elphaba was with child. Her and Fiyero had been going to the nearest town, Anx to buy baby supplies, and in buying supplies, they had found a midwife.

E: ( Nine months pregnant, Elphaba wakes up from a nap on the couch) Fiyero! Help!
F: (Runs downstairs) What is it?
E: I need help getting up.
F: Oh ok. Up we go!
E: ( looks at him with the ‘did you really just say that in front of me’ face)
F: (Realizing his mistake) Um, do you want honeycomb?
E: (Studies Fiyero for a bit) Yes. But i’m coming with you.

They take a few steps and suddenly water rushes down from between her legs.
E: Oh my Oz!!!
F: WHAT THE OZ!?!?!?!
E: Get me to my bed!
They walk/waddle upstairs and Fiyero lays Elphaba in their bed.
F: ( Panicking) What do I do?! Wha-
E: FIYERO! My love, I know you’re stressed, but CaLm DOWN!
F: Okay ( Breathes in deeply) What do you need?
E: Well, the midwife won’t come in time, so you’re going to have to take her place.
F: (ShOcKeD)
E: Fiyero, my spell book
F: Gets it and gives it to her.
E: ( Flips through the book, finds the page) Eia tena tena tenae, sculum bara tin dura tinae. Let the pain reside low within the earth, bury it down in the ground and let it never be found
( Smoke comes from the ground, through the backboard of the bed through Elphaba’s chest and back into the ground, and Elphaba falls onto her pillows limp, eyes closed, head lolling to the side)
F: (Panicking) Elphaba?! Elphaba?! My love, speak to me! (Kneels down and grasps Elphaba’s hand)
E: (Gasps) WOO! I did not expect it to do that!
F: (Collapses with relief) Oz! You scared me!
E: I’m sorry love, but now I have to this baby out of me!

A few days later…
F: (Blows bubbles onto baby Nathaniel’s tummy) Brrrrr!
E: Oh my love, a baby boy!
F: (Picks up Nathaniel and places him in Elphaba’s arms in bed and he nestles close to Elphaba)
E: I’m so glad that we’ve been together this long.
(Elphaba and Fiyero share a kiss and cuddle baby Nathaniel close to both of them)
The next morning…
( Fiyero wakes up first and he stretches and looks over at his beautiful lover and their baby boy)
F: Wake up my love.
E: Mmm
F: My love, wake up
E: Fine, but later, both of us are coming back.(looks down at baby Nathaniel and notices his lips are blue. Panic starts to creep in) Nathaniel? Nathaniel, wake up!
(By then, Fiyero notices the panic in Elphaba’s voice)
F: Elphaba? What’s wrong?
E: Fiyero… get me my spellbook
(Fiyero runs downstairs and turns the whole house upside down)
E: Extremely panicky) FIYERO!!!
F: (Runs back upstairs) Here.
E; rick te anum makto makto nelekenamen, give air to his lungs, tempo to his heart, his eyes to open wide, the breath to hear him cry
F: (Coming to the realization) My love, it’s too late.
E: (Silently sobbing) my darling boy. (Elphaba puts her head to Nathaniel’s cold cheek)
F: Elphaba my love, ( sinks down onto the bed) my love, ( embraces Elphaba and Nathaniel)

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