After Oz Fanfic

After Oz
After Oz
After Oz, chapter 2
As discussed:
E is Elphaba
F is Fiyero

Chapter 3
It’s A Process
E: Fiyero! My love! It’s breakfast! Come downstairs!
F: (walking clumsily downstairs with unsteady footsteps) I’m coming!
E: Hey, you’re getting it!
F: Yeah!
E: Feel better after last night?
F: Yes.
E: Good my love.
F: Hey, I feel kind of strange, stiff even.
E: (Concerned) Hmm, can I check your legs?
F: Sure, (lifts his pant legs up) What is it?
E: Shh, let me check. ( Elphaba tried to bend his legs which used to be very bendy) They are kind of stiff.
F: Can you try and fix them?
E: Shh, my love, let me try to fix it. (Gently places Fiyero’s leg down and starts looking for her spellbook.) Aha! Here it is! (Flips through the pages and lands on the spell, and read the following passage under the margins of the book)

Transformation Spell
A transformation spell, after a period of time, will start to turn the subject of the spell into the object in which they were meant to be transformed

E: (face drops)
F: What is it? ( after a long silence from Elphaba) My love, what is it?
E: (Starts crying) Oh, Fiyero, my love, I’m so sorry! ( Elphaba throws herself onto Fiyero) I’m so sorry!
F: What is it? What’s wrong?!.. Elphaba, (Gently pulls Elphaba’s chin towards him, her face streaming with tears) My love, what’s wrong?
E: (breathing heavily and hard) The spell I used to transform you into a scarecrow, after a while, you actually turning into one! An inanimate one! (Elphaba breaks down and starts to collapse in Fiyero’s arms)
F: (More concerned for his love than himself at the moment) Oh, Elphaba, my love, it’s okay. I love you and the moments we’ve spent together.
E: (Looks up, tears still streaming down her face) Fiyero, don’t talk like that, I can’t lose you!
F: My love, if you find a counterspell, use it, but if not, know that I love you.
E: (lets go of Fiyero and picks up her book) Okay, lets try it out.

After many days and nights of trying to reverse the spell, Elphaba finally makes a counter curse. But by this time, Fiyero is stiff and can’t walk. He can only move his head and speak, Elphaba fashioned a wheelchair for him and for this moment placed him and his chair in front of her
E: Ready my love?
F: Yes
E: Ok, *rim de cantum son de puf, rim decantum son de puf, let his hay be turned to flesh and blood, the cloth and burlap into clothes and skin. Rim decantum son de puf. * ( Elphaba looks up from the book)
F: It di-
(A green mist surrounds Fiyero and gasps and shouts are heard from behind the mist. After a while, the mist clears to reveal the human Fiyero)
F: (Since he can’t see himself yet, he does not know that he has been transformed) Did it work?
E: (Crying tears of joy) My love, wait here. ( E grabs a mirror and hands it to Fiyero)
F: (Grabs the mirror, and notices his softly tanned skin on his hands) Elphaba. You did it.
E: Oh my love.
F: Elphaba, you did it! (Stands up from his chair and picks up Elphaba up at the hips and they twirl and kiss all the way to their bedroom)

A huge thanks to @OrangeStudios @Knight2 @ScotchTape for supporting me on my journey.

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