All caps for a topic

I think we should be able to type in all caps for a topic without it saying that it’s not a full sentence. I don’t see why this would be a problem. @Ribblr


YES! (complete sentence)


All caps is considered like shouting, and many people consider it to be rude. Just saying why they are trying to avoid it. No one enjoys being shouted at!


Thanks for your suggestion.

The problem with all caps topic is that it’s considered spam as it’s drawing more attention to it unnecessarily. We’ll log your feedback regardless, perhaps it could be considered for posts as opposed to topic subjects


Maybe there could be a pop up if all caps are used, saying “are you sure this is appropriate?” Or something


That would be good.

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I prefer no all caps be used. Text in all caps is hard for people with certain visual impairments to read.

I will usually not even read topics that have subject headers in all caps because they are so distracting

Edited to add, even if the subject header is normal text, if the body is allowed to be all caps, this is not very nice to those who don’t prefer all caps. In chat it is probably okay but not in regular posts


I understand this, but it is annoying that you can’t make a reply in all caps.

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