Alone with your thoughts

Neglected, confused and angry
your parents don’t love you.
Bitter, broken, hurt, insecure
you act out, thinking it’ll take it all away.
Lonely, freezing, unseen
what was it all for?
You confronted your enemy,
for what?
To end up on the ground, injured.
Thinking about how
neglected, confused, and angry
bitter, broken, hurt, insecure
lonely, feezing, and unseen
But the reflecting done
laying in a puddle of your own blood
is seeping in
Cracking your ego,
breaking it down
As you turn over a new leaf.

This is a poem of my own creation, but based off the turning point for the main character in the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikealson. It’s a really good book. It makes for a nice read, if you’re into Hatchet or books like it.


This is so me. :sob::sob::sob::sob: Great poem.


You are not alone :sob: :people_hugging: