Amigurumi Pattern Themes

Hello! I’m a beginner in crochet and I want to do my first pattern! I want to do something that hasn’t been done a lot yet, and when I thought about it I had an idea.

This topic is for theme suggestions for patterns! Comment what you would like to see as a crochet plushie, this will help inspire me and others who read this thread!

Tysm for your attention, have a Nice night!


This may be me, but I feel like I see a lot of animals and creatures, but not enough cute food amigurumi! what about a lil [plate of pancakes with cute eyes? Also, inanimate objects. Like a lil laptop that can open and close and of course has cute eyes. :rofl:


I personally have tried lots of different types of amigurumi patterns, from my corn dog (that I’d never seen before) to a leggy frog, that there are plenty of…

I find the patterns of mine that do the best are the patterns that there are already similar things out there, but then add a twist, fill a gap in the market.

My peep is a good example, there are a lot of peeps, most arent constructed like mine, Its my best seller…

I think animals and food do the best, find something you’re really drawn to, then figure out what you can do to make it different, or more appealing to your audience