An Unexpected Confession (short story)

I stare into his eyes as we sway back and forth, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri playing on the gym speakers. He’s not wearing anything fancy, just his usual type of outfit- “stripper” pants with a bajillion pockets (I want those pants solely for the storage space) and a T-shirt. He towers over my five-nothing self by nine inches, causing me to be chest level. I’m dimly aware of his hand on my waist, other hand in mine, too preoccupied with the fact that he’s actually here. I glance to my right to find two of my friends dancing together. I make a mental note to tease him about it later. When I return my focus to the person in front of me, his freckled, bespectacled face softened by a small smile. I must’ve been looking around in awe or something because not much I do makes him do that- that I know of at least.

“What. . . ?” I say, a grin spreading across my face. Gosh his smiles are contagious.

“Nothing.” He breaks out in a big smile as he shoves me. I rush forward to shove him back but alas, he’s too fast and I end up tripping over my own two feet and the ground comes up to greet me. He laughs when I land on my butt and extends a hand I resentfully accept. I grunt as I get up, almost falling into him because apparently my feet have decided to give up on life tonight. Steadying myself, I grab his hand again and we proceed to dance.

When the second chorus is about halfway through, he smiles in that smile you just can’t keep at bay.

“Whatchu smilin’ ‘bout?” I inquire slyly.

“C’mere.” He drags me out into the back left corner of the gym, the dirty blonde floof on top of his head bouncing in the wind.

“Cal- I- What’re you doing?”

“Trust me.” He pulls me into a hug and holds me. We stand there, swaying to the music, for what feels like forever, my head on his chest and his resting on top of mine. I feel the safest I’ve felt in a long time, to say the least. I close my eyes and immediately I’m not in the school gym anymore. I’m whisked off into some random forest somewhere, music coming from somewhere unknown. I breathe deeply and I swear the scent of the forest fills my nose. I let out a laugh and lean into Cal. Gosh I love him.

“Hey, V, I-” He pauses. “I wanted to say- uhm. . . this has been on my mind for a while now and I wanted to get it out, but uh, I love you.” I almost fall down again I’m so taken aback.

“You- what?”

“I love you.”

I chuckle. “I heard that, I just- I just thought it was one of those situations where one person is in love and the other just views them as a friend, you know?”

“Well dang, I didn’t know you felt that way. I was just going off on a wing!” He says oh so sarcastically.

“Shut your sarcastic mouth up before I shut it up for you and not like that get your mind out the gutter!”

He smirks and hugs me tighter. This is all I could ever ask for. I find myself slipping away into the music again, the forest surrounding me, somehow filling my senses.

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