Another poem... Hope you like

I grow plants from my pain.

The tears I shed I use for rain.

My plants they know much more than me.

They turn into bright and beautiful trees.

Days go by and words are said.

I think about the things ahead.

The words jump from the page into my mind.

Taking my imagination and turning it to time.

The pain I turned into words long ago.

In my mind they turned into crows.

If only you knew how your words sound in my ears

Your words make mine turn into fears.

Not only don’t you listen you hurt.

You always seem to take away my worth.
:copyright: Ansleigh Hawkins


i don’t understand it but I LOVE IT!!! excellent work!!! :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

edit: ok i just saw your post about it being in a magazine…it’s clearing up to me

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omg this is so good whatttt literally amazing

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I love it! And the pfp 🩷:yellow_heart:🩵

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thank you!!!