another short story because my novel isnt noveling yayy ✨️

Krysyi had done it. Looking up at his creation in wonder, his lips extended to his ears.
Finally, he thought, it’s ready. He picked up the staff, admiring it.
“Quiyd?” Calling out for her, he grabbed his tea and slowly brought it to his face. She showed up almost immediately.
Krysyi took a sip before he continued. “Could you bring me my cloak, dear? Without a doubt someone will send heroes here soon, and I need to be prepared.”
Quiyd pushed her lips together, rubbing her temples. “Look, Krysyi, I understand you want an anarchistic government and all-” she looked up, sighing- “and you know I support that, right?”
“Of course I do, Yed.” He took a step closer to her. “But what does that have to do with-”
“Daddy!” A little girl suddenly appeared by his feet. “I’m hungry. Mommy made dinner. Can we eat? Pleeaaassseeeee?”
Quiyd stared Krysyi down. “It has to do with that. You had to warn the government of your staff right before dinner? I don’t remember the last time we had dinner as a family. Me and Atryai miss you. Without a doubt you smelled the pasta baking.”
There was a loud thump, followed by multiple sets of footsteps. Krysyi was frantically running around now, searching everywhere. “Look, Quiyd, now is not the time for this, they’re here. Please, could you find my cloak?”
Rolling her eyes, Quiyd twirled her fingers. Sparks flew out of them before the cloak bolted into her hand. She handed it to Krysyi. Kissing her, he walked to the entrance, grabbing the staff on his way. He slicked his hair back.
“Ah!” he exclaimed, eyes ablaze with excitement. “I see you’ve found my-” He paused, his gaze going slightly down. There were about seven people, six out of breath. None of them looked like they should be there. They were all wearing shorts and tee-shirts, save a girl in the back in leggings and a rather comfy-looking hoodie. She stepped forward.
“We’re here to stop you… or something? Honestly, I’m not quite sure. Deavia?”
The girl beside her, much shorter, spoke. “Yeah! But, wait, they said you’d be like, super scary! But you don’t look scary? You look like my daddy!” She looked down. “Well, my old daddy…” Her voice trailed off.
Krysyi’s mouth was wide open. It stayed like that for a couple minutes. Then, he started shaking his head.
“No, no, this isn’t right! They were supposed to send the country’s strongest men!” He could feel his face start to heat up, his fists clenching. “Okay, look. Raise your hand if you’re an adult.” Nobody did. He turned around and walked, muttering to himself. What is wrong with these people? Putting innocent kids in this situation. Theres a good chance half of them haven’t even descovered their power yet! He turned around to look at them.
“Where are your parents? Do they know where you are?”
The original girl, who looked about sixteen, looked him dead in the eyes. “They took us away from our parents. Convinced both them and us that we’d be helping people. Not less than a week later, we learned that pur parents were de@d. They blamed it on you.”
Krysyi screamed, throwing his staff to the ground. His face looked like a tomato. “NO! I WOULD NEVER, EVER K!LL AN INNOCENT PERSON! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!” The kids shrunk back. “If its okay with you, you guys are staying with me. I have a little girl, around your guys’ age. She’ll love hanging out with you.” He clenched his jaw. “As for me, I have business to attend to.”
The kids watched as he stormed out the door, and, not long after, the capitol building was on fire.

I know its kinda long, but i’d love to know what you think! (btw all the names are a result of keysmashing :skull:)


i love it!,


tysm! (:


love the fact that K (not even gonna try to spell it,) burnt down a building lol


arson is great :heart_eyes: (for legal reasons this is a joke)


For legal reasons I have to agree that it’s only a joke