hey! i’ve started making stuff fir markets (some pics below) on my drive and its gotten me thinking

i’m super anxious about something happening to one of my plushies while someone has it (i.e, a rip or missing eye), not because theyre low quality just because sometimes people (me being one) really love their stuffies!

ao i’m worried about that and then they just toss it or something… i put a lot of work into these and I would hate for that to happen!!

any ideas how to prevent this/stop worrying :sob::sob:


You could use fabric glue or hot glue to secure the eyes more, I’ve also seen where people melt the back of the safety eye and press on it so it secures to the backing


Try not to worry just think about the new adventure your plushies are going on.
Look forward to the new yarn you can buy to make more plushies :heart_eyes:

By the way I love your plushies


Hi Omni!
I get anxious as well, what i do is i insert the safety eyes directly into a stitch. This makes it more secure


Typically I embroider my eyes. But I understand your concern.


I have recently been changing the way i make eyes as i have been making a lot for little ones.

For the eyes…
6sc in mr
Thread some white for the reflection
And finally sew round the edges on white for sme definition.
Obviously there are other ways such as meltibg the back of safety eyes, but that just scares me. I have seen people gluing them in for extra security as well


Also your plushies are ADORABLE no one in their right minds would even think about binning one :heart::heart:


I wanted to try a market at some point but I am soo nervous ab this as well :sob:
Sewing eyes is a good option though, I’ve done it before by just sewing one stitch a lot until it looks round. You can also melt the backs as people have said, but I’m not so sure about giving any form of plastic safety eyes to small children. Even if they’re glued/melted, it makes me a little nervous to think of the possibility of it breaking somehow.


i really feel you on this!!! my friends / fam keep telling me to sell my stuff since i’m crocheting all the time but i’m so scared that the creatures i make with lots of love will end up unloved and thrown away… or like a limb will drop off and i will get many angry reviews…

sorry i don’t have any solutions I just really resonate with ya on this :raised_hand:t3: so far i’ve only made things for people i know personally because i’m just too nervous about selling things :sweat_smile:


also i forgot to say - your jellyfish are some of the nicest i’ve ever seen… sadly i’m almost 100% sure we don’t live in the same country so shipping would be ridiculously expensive or I would love to get one and give it lots of love!


i’d love to write you a pattern if you want one :DDD <3

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i plan on uploading it soon anyways!


OOOH I’M EXCITED!! can’t wait :star_struck: