any advice on extream pain??

so ive been having ann and off extream pain in my right arm, it started out just every once and a while, and not that bad, but last night the pain lasted for a coupple hours at a time with like ten minuets of relief. the pain was so bad that i couldn’t move my arm at all and couldnt do anything. I am not allowed to go to the doctor because when i asked my mom she said that there is nothing wrong with me. I dont know what to do because the pain is now spreading to other parts of my body and it’s getting harder to do basic tasks


I think I know which type of pain you’re talking about? I get the same thing like 3-4 times a week. Nothing makes it better for me, but it usually goes away by the next day
Hope you feel better!


thank you, ill try to just wait it out


I had tennis elbow once and alternating between hot and cold water on it helped get the blood flowing and relieve the pain.

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girlboss are you good


Do you think this might be because of too much crocheting/crafting? If so, I do the following:

  1. Take plenty of break while crafting, every half an hour or so
  2. Do wrists/hands/fingers stretched
  3. Invest in a wrist/hand massage. They’re like $2-30 on amazon
  4. Wear compression gloves. I wear mine to bed
  5. Pay attention to your posture. Are you straining your shoulder? Holding the tools to tight? Strange angle/twists on your wrists?
  6. Do daily back stretches. Squat to strengthen your core. Interestingly enough, a lot of pain comes from weak lower body
  7. Walking to helps lower back pain

If all fails, get yourself some pain meds and let time heals. If it doesn’t, you gotta see a doctor.


Ofc darling<3​:skull:

Thank you so much!!

I wish i could help you. You seem like such a sweet person who just happens to be really unlucky. Hope you get better soon.

Sending all my love,