Any readers here? ☺️


I’m just wondering if there are any other big readers on here who have to try and divide their time between crocheting and reading :joy::joy:

I’m working on an ACOTAR tapestry and pattern and I’m just wondering if anyone else is a fan or if it’ll just be me making the pattern once complete :grin::joy:


  • Love reading!
  • Haven’t picked up a book in ages!
  • I wish I could read more!
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I used to. My last book was about alien encounters that I was reading. I need better glasses and the focus I used to have. Prior to that there was a book about the band The Cure I was reading for a while but got unconfident about where I left off. So someday I will attempt to read more of it when the mood strikes. I need Audiable in my life so I can crochet and be read to at the same time. It has to be something mindless though and simple. I keep forgetting to set it up. My mother gave me a love for books at a young age and I also used to write.


I listen to books on Audible in addition to several people I follow on YouTube.
But , yea, you’re talking to a confirmed bibliophile.
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I love reading needs to be fantasy romance and /or comedy.


I just got a new kindle fire that reads free amazon books aloud to me. Usually more crime mystery or Christian romance lately.


I recently started reading again and ACOTAR started it lol :joy:, I kind of stopped because I learned how to knit so I’ve been focusing more on my crafts including crochet more than anything and I have 2 little ones running around that makes it hard to focus.


I absolutely DEVOURED the whole ACOTAR series when I found it. I am constantly reading something on my phone, mostly through the Kindle app. I typically read when I wouldn’t be able to craft (trying to get kids to sleep…laying in bed as I fall asleep, etc.) But MAN is it hard to stop reading sometimes and switch to my crafting…I’ve definitely found myself picking up a project that I basically don’t have to think about and just reading while I work on it… But I haven’t had as many of those since finding ribblr bc I’m learning so many new stitches/combos and patterns!


Ohh don’t tell me… I’ve been able to meet my minimum 100 books/year goal for years, but this year for the first time I didn’t. I’m a nervous wreck. I love to read, but I also love to crochet and if I do one, I always feel like I’m neglecting the other. :sweat_smile:

Ohh I would love to crochet anything ACOTAR! This is one of my favorite book series. :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire:
By the way, I was motivated to crochet in the beginning because I could make book fandom things. But I haven’t made one yet.

Have you ever crochet something like this? :grin:


I know! It’s so hard to get the balance - I am my own worst enemy because sometimes I’ll be so overwhelmed with the choice of reading or which craft I want to do that I just end up endlessly scrolling through social media!!

I’ve done tapestry crochet’s before but not one related to a particular fandom! It’s taking a while but I love how it looks already! My love of crochet started out with amigurimi though!


I got rid of social media cuz it was sucking the social life right out of me!!
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