Any tips for finishing big projects?

I bought lots of yarn to make a baby blanket, but I’m not sure if i’ll finish it. I kind of don’t want to get started because I don’t want it to be a waste. Do you have any tips for finishing big projects like that?


I try to just stick it through but i usually take it in small steps and givw myself the time that i need
Hope this helps!


I agree, take it in sections. If it comes in different colors. Work one color at a time. If squares, do them in different quantities and sew them together in different sections at a time. Just break it down.


It’s actually a baby blanket, and i’m making it one big granny square. i’ll just give myself breaks.


im actully making that type of blanket right now!!
i agree to give yourself breaks every once and a while. :blush::blush:

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There you go. Granny square! Once it gets larger start shooting for one round at a time. :blush: Yes got this!!



This is it so far! I’ve made good progress considering I actually started it yesterday…But I love it so far. Since it’s a granny square it’s super easy and almost puts me to sleep. Such a good project. I think i’ll finish it though. thanks guys!