Any tips for making lots of thr same things?

So im preparing for my market (its in august lol :skull:) but i made a spreadsheet of what i want to make and i was wondering if its more efficient to make a bunch of the same things at once or a bunch of different things?? If the first one is more efficient is there a way to make it more fun or something because i kinda hate repetive things lol


i would make a bunch of different things first, and then pick out the ones i like the best and the ones i’m good at and make a bunch of those.


good idea!

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Switch it up a bit whenever you feel like. I got a bunch of blankets that I switch between and work on for a while.


Glad to help :slight_smile:


Making the products in a way that is more enjoyable for you will probably be more efficient, it’ll feel less like a chore and you might be more motivated, so I say make them in any order you feel like! As long as you make them that’s what matters!

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I personally prefer to make a bunch of different things, for a couple of reasons:

-I want to keep crochet fun. I hate when my hobby feels like a chore that I need to just get over with.

-Having a wide variety will give me the chance to see what people are interested in, where I am selling. Especially if I have never in that area before. I can keep track of what goes first and make more for next time. That way I don’t make a dozen and have none sell.

-When I make more types I get to learn more skills.

-If I really like something I will make up different styles to keep it interesting and keep it fun.
I have many small-medium amigurumi, a few bags, keychains, and just started having fun with stress ball squishies. So far I have mad a jack-o-lantern and a dragon

-Good luck and have fun.


thank you so much!