Any Tips on Selling makes through Ribblr?

Hey guys! So I’ve recently added my first pattern (which is in the testing phase) to Ribblr. But, one thing I’ve always debated, is selling my makes through the platform!

I know at the moment (I believe) we can only sell makes-through patterns on Ribblr, which I’m totally fine with. I absolutely love supporting Ribblr artists as thus far, the pattern platform is my favorite. I love Ribbuild with all my heart.

However, I do have questions for those who have sold makes through Ribblr. How was the experience for you? Would you recommend selling makes through this platform? I’m only nervous because I know we have to do our own shipping and getting tacking, etc, which can be really expensive for me locally. Do you find it’s worth it to sell smaller items? Would you only sell the larger things?

I guess, I’m just nervous and need a little push to possibly look into the prospects of attempting to sell makes. <3


I have not done it through ribblr, but I have sold my items elsewhere.
To make it easier when you first start, you can limit your sales to US only and figure shipping fees into the price. Just take the closest and furtherest location and average the shipping fee based on the USPS fee chart based on weight/size.
Don’t ship before you get paid, and the tracking number will be on the receipt from the post office.
Since I knit flat things, I like to vacuum seal the items and send them in padded envelopes, my daughter swears by flat rate boxes for her amigurumi. She buys them by the stack and then she knows exactly what it will cost to send the item that size.
So basically, figure how much you want to make, add the fees and taxes and the shipping cost and then you have the price to sell at.


i haven’t sold through ribblr, but good luck with it if you do!