Anyone else got this small struggle?

Okay so I’m being slightly chaotic I think but I was wondering if anyone feels the same :joy:

So I know how people have lots of WIPs laying around and staring new, but like anyone else who also has that with patterns??

Like working on making a pattern, but then also making another one and ending up with lots of them and then not finishing any as quickly as you’d like.

Soooo like I finished some but right now I’m working on 4 patterns at the same time and keep on getting new ideas and then wanted to start another pattern oopsss

So anyway my goal was to see if other designers have this issue as well, but also if anyone has some advice then that’s welcome too


For anyone who took the time to read that, here’s a kinda sneak peek of the 4 patterns to come

The fox one still needs 2 variations oooff so even more to make XD


I read it ALL but i think it’s part of the creative process. Having been married to a very active musician and singwriter/ producer, the creativity ebbs and flows. No everything that you start gets finished, probably cuz you couldn’t go any further on the idea cuz the thought process stopped; got interrupted, distracted couldn’t push the idea any further, etc. It’s life.
Then there’s the million other things we’re responsible for…


I totally agree! For me, I try to just design 1 or 2 things at a time, and continue other projects - if I have an idea then I would probably write it down to save for later too :blush: But I would say I definitely do that @WolfKvB :wink:


Oh yes xD I don’t even know how pattern I am currently making at the same time… A lot, I mean, I wrote like a little pattern while I’m doing it, but not in the good way so I need to update it, and sometimes I didn’t :rofl: or sometimes I juste design something without pattern and don’t even remember how I did it…


And most of the time I wrote them on paper, so I also need to edit them in the app, but I’m kinda lazy :joy::sob:


Same :joy: just pure chaos on paper and then trying to make a clear and neat version in the app lol


@WolfKvB @PeloteFiction
Yea, my husband my keep a certain book with him and it all went in there. When he died, there were so many notebooks to go through.


:cry: It make a lot of memories


Thanks. I feel like you’re the first person in a long time

who acknowledged my grief.



LOL YES. I CURRENTLY HAVE 3 PATTERNS I’M DESIGNING RIGHT NOW. :sweat_smile: When new inspiration hits, I just can’t resist!


I’m sorry for your loss!


I have several ideas at one time, and several things going at once sometimes…
Mostly, what helps me?
I STOP, and review.

If I’m not “feeling it” about a design, it goes into the “frog box”.
If I like the design, or pattern, but am just swamped at the present time, it goes into the “WIP box”.
If I LOVE the design, but am way too busy with other stuff, I put it in the “que” to be done.

I’m a person who likes to “check things off”.
My “Que” box sits near my desk.

If I’m kinda bored or frustrated with my current project/design, I take a break with something that’s in the Que. When I get something done, I check it off a big list I have hanging over my desk.

What really works?
I call one of my Boyz or my hubs and celebrate the “marking off” of a project.
Have a sip of whiskey,
and go back to stitchin’.

Celebrate what you complete, and you’ll keep your joy.
Get rid of what bores you, because: Honey, you’re never going to finish it anyway.
FROG everything you don’t like and tell yourself you just went yarn shopping and didn’t spend a penny!

I put the “To Be Frogged” stuff by the tele. Hubs loves to see rejected things taken apart, and saved. Win/Win in my world.

Black “Vons” basket has what’s in my “Que”…next to do.

Two different projects going on at once, if my “Current Wip” box stays small, then I get things completed.


That sounds like a great system :heart: I think I’ll try to make a list as well and then just try focus on one at a time :blush: I almost finished one so just 3 left :tada:

I really like all of the projects but I don’t have much time due to exams, that’s mainly the issue, but if I dislike a pattern I think it’s a great idea to just unravel it and have more yarn to work with :blush:



Yes, I’ve rid of WIPs that I didn’t enjoy either. Didn’t save the yarn either!


Did read it and totally feel you! I do this with books, too and it often feels a tad overwhelming :joy:
My advice would be, set aside time to finish the one you’re either (1.) closest to done with, or (2.) is bothering you the most, because once you’re done with that one, it’s an accomplishment and you can move onto the next without it looming overhead :cloud:

Sorry for the rant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy_cat:


Actually I also did that with some books :joy: have a series laying around that I haven’t finished yet and today was thinking about getting another set oopsss


The fox looks so cute, and I am so excited to see the tarot pouch and the bunny with the carrot! I hope to make the temperature blanket someday, but it takes so much dedication LOL! Can’t wait to hear more of your updates!


Thank you so much :heart: The tarot pouch might be done today the rest idk but probably soon :blush: