anyone else have braces?

I got braces recently. anyone else got braces? just curious.


When i was a kid. From grade 5 to8 i think


I have a long history with them! I got my first set in first grade for a tooth on the roof of my mouth :exploding_head: those got taken off after a few months. I got my second set in the third grade for a short period of time. Then I got Invisalign in the 5th grade which I had for awhile. Then my molars grew in crooked which messed up my straight teeth so they tried another set of Invisalign which didn’t work because they were so crooked, so I had brackets on my molars. Once they were straight enough, I got Invisalign again which was supposed to end weeks ago. But my teeth weren’t back to normal so I’m getting another box in September :face_with_spiral_eyes: (and yes I wear my retainers. Always have always will) at this point I’m sick of the orthodontist. Side note, you may wonder why I didn’t wait to get braces until I lost all of my baby teeth. I was not able to do that since my teeth were so messed up. I had to do braces/Invisalign in phases since I still had teeth to lose. It was the best option we had.


first i got rubber spacers in my back molars for a week, then i had them taken out and they put an expander in. two weeks later, i went back and the orthodontist was checking my appliance. she said to come back at August 17. yesterday, i got the braces and now i have to visit every 8 weeks.


Yes i do


When I was a kid, they didn’t allow for braces until after all your baby teeth fell out. In my opinion, that would be a waste of time and money due to the fact that your adult teeth grow in differently than baby.


I remember all those visits I think we went in once a month though


I had perfect baby teeth! My adult teeth grew in terrible.