Anyone else having trouble getting sales?

Social media is hard because you have to know how to play the game. For instance it took me 3 months of really getting into it and trying to figure out how the heck Instagram works before I got any traction, then I got 300 followers in a month. It’s a pain to sort out and everyone wants you to pay them for them to tell you which annoyed me so I kept at it till I figured it out. And those “pay me for what is really simple info” people annoy me so heres how to Instagram:

-this is gonna be long-

First, brand your stuff. Ideally you did this before starting but if not no worries from now on is the best time to start! So what kinds of thinga so you like best? Accessories, bags, gloves, blankets, amigurimi? Pick like one ‘general’ theme and then ideally one more specific theme. The more pinned down your brand is the easier time you’ll have attracting people. I started my theme with crochet - video games/anime. Mines too general, so it’s a very slow start, I can specify down which would make the process faster, but I’m doing what I enjoy so I’m okay with slow. If you have a setup where you take photos so they all look the same it’s helpful to prevent theft and making your page look uniform but not nessecary to having a successful page.

Next, pick a schedule that fits YOU. Everyone’s going to tell you post everyday! If someone was making cooking videos it would be unreasonable to expect a new video everyday, even though we eat everyday. Posting once a week is okay, as long as it’s consistent. If you post every Wednesday at noon awesome just keep that you day/time every week. I try to do twice a week. When picking a time pick it early in the morning. 7am-11am get the best results in nearly every time zone. Just make sure the language you post in matches your time zone. IE posting in English in Chinese time zone won’t help you need to post in English time zones. Make a day for creating your content and a day for releasing it. Personally I did my vid today, I’ll post it Wednesday because I’m not a morning person I’ll have it written up before hand so when I get up I just have to hit post. You can get one of those post schedulers but I’ve never used one. Sunday/Wednesday are my most successful days, your time zone/day may be different. When you hit 100 followers ig will actually tell you when to post to hit your followers.

Next, whatever your goal is, start with that and keep with that. If you want to sell patterns then you need to post every time that’s what you’re doing. You don’t want to give people looking at your posts the wrong idea. I saw recent examples a girl with 15million followers doing music, she gave it away free on YouTube. So when suddenly she wanted to sell a cd she got less then 2k sales on a 7$ cd. That’s .0001% return. Because her fans see her as “free music” not I pay for this. So if you want to sell things you need to attract people who want to buy things, not collect free things. So freebies can be nice, and attract eyes but make sure the majority of what your posting is not free. If you only make a big deal when it’s free you’ll just get people that want free. That does make blogs sites difficult - growing a blog is also one of the slowest types of site to grow. :grimacing:

I’m told with ig reels you do not need to hashtag, but I still do. It’s good to have hashtags ready anyway for when you post an image instead of a vid. I have a ton of pre-prepared hashtags in a notepad I copy paste the ones I want these are my main ones: #crochetcrew #crochetting #crochetallday #crochetproject #crochetfun #crochetanimal
#crochetaddiction #instavirkkaajat #crochetlovers
Then I add specific ones based on what I’m posting. It doesn’t hurt to use like #crochet but it’s gonna have millions of posts on it so I only add it if I have extra tags. You can add 30 I believe. Ideally ones with 200k-1m posts on them are best. Honestly I haven’t checked my tags since October when I did this originally so some of my tags may be no good anymore. I did all this in oct when I found out I was pregnant ended up taking a break to prepare for all that and only got back into the past couple weeks so I’m still updating all my tags and what not. So you’re welcome to use those tags but I’d suggest double checking them first.

Once you got all that in a row you gotta find people. Now here’s where everyone just says “spend ‘x’ minutes on Instagram everyday!” Wtf does that mean? It means nothing because once again you need a plan. -that they want you to pay them for- Hanging out on the suggested list or explore page for an hour won’t get you any where. Instead take one of your main tags and search it. Those are gonna be people who are interested in what you’re doing afterall! Go through and like and comment on the posts insert this tag. And keep an eye out on the other comments being posted. If you’re on a good activity time you’ll find other people doing the same exact thing but are crazy out pacing you. That’s because it’s a bot, you can usually spot them because every comment will be exactly the same like “so cute! :rose:” Now click the bot person. Look at their follower list, do they have thousands? If so great your found your target. Bookmark or follow them cause you can keep returning to them so long as they’re using the bot. If not they’re just starting and move on to the next bot. This bot has done your work for you! Now instead of commenting on random people under the tags you have a targeted list of people that you know respond to comments and check out profiles. So go down the follower list and like and comment on something on each of their followers. This only lasts 1-2 hours at most depending on how fast you are because Instagram only lets you comment/like a certain number of times per hour/day. This netted me 10-40 followers a day, you could pay for a bot I’ve seen those using them net 100+ a day but I’m cheap and refuse to pay. Botting can also get you banned I’m told but I’ve never seen it happen.

Then you start getting followers! So long as you did the other steps before it the people that will react and follow are people interested in what you’re offering. And they’re people that interact which is good for your engagement rate if you want to do sponsorships.

Things to keep in mind, Instagram promotes reels, more heavily if you ‘make’ the reel in their program. If you like canvas or something you can trick this by making it in canvas then uploading to ig but add music to the vid in ig’s reel maker so now it sees it as made in their reels thing. They do scan images and videos for logos, so if there’s a TikTok Facebook or any other social media logo they suppress it. They also scan for ig logo to promote it so I’ve seen people add a card when taking photos that has the ig logo on it for the small boost, whatever works eh?