anyone else? (problem in pattern writing)

I have had a recurring problem in a handful of my most recent patterns in that the last 2 or 3 lines of pattern will suddenly jump out of order.
Some of them happened after an edit, some were completely spontaneous. Some were on my phone, some were on my laptop.
These were correct when I finished typing them but they became out of order at some point during the testing phase.
Rumpleteazer is the most recent. I used it 2 days ago and it was fine, but today lines 4 and 5 at the very end of the pattern were out of order.


There was a bug like this one other time, if I remember correctly. @Ribblr


Hey @anon5108995 ! Just to confirm - the pattern was perfectly fine when you finished editing it and upon checking it, and now some lines are out of order - is that right?
Can you share where the lines were and where are they now? (feel free to do so via PM)



I have already fixed it back again, since I currently have two testers on it.
Itโ€™s pattern Rumpleteazer
and as stated, the last two lines of the final section of the pattern, #4 #5, were out of order.
At the end of every pattern I also have a statement about contacting me if there are any errors, and the lines out of order have also ended up down there on other patterns, ie #5, #6, i fold and sew seams together, statement, #4
I can not remember off the top of my head the exact items in the other onesโ€ฆI suppose I could comb through all my chats and messages if you need the details :face_exhaling: but I would rather not.


Thank you! We are not aware of an issue as you reported so itโ€™ll be allocated to a tech team member who will check this for you :slight_smile: