Anyone interested in 50% off?

All of my patterns are 50% off now through Monday! I appreciate any and all sales! No sale is too small!

I’ve been running my sale now for 43 hours and not one sale :pensive:. I might do it another time so the Ribblr chosen patterns aren’t overshadowing my sale :woman_shrugging:. Anyway, Here’s my link! Thanks for taking a look!


Your patterns are so cute! I just bought a couple from you a little while back and I love them! Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t make a lot of sales this weekend, the sells have been crazy! Just know your work is beautiful and so very creative! I love the cube design!


Thank you :blush: I really needed to hear that. I’m hoping it was because of the ridiculous amount of sales that were happening all at once.


Yeah, don’t worry about it I would but I don’t have any money until I hopefully start work ( I’m a freakin 12yo!) ima work at Dollywood


Oh I loved Dollywood when I was your age! I actually worked at Dorney Park a decade ago :sweat_smile: It was a very fun job!


I love your prisms!

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