Anyone interested in co-hosting a crochet-a-long?

Im looking for 1-3 people to help make a crochet along with amigurumi! My thoughts are it could be holiday/winter themed. If we have October to design patterns, November to test them with eachother, and then put them out in December!

Once the interested group is formed we can work out details! I was thinking of running it on Ribblr and Instagram, so it would be great if you had both!

Im open to all levels, follower counts, etc! So feel free to comment or message if interested! I won’t be able to check back on this post until tonight, but I’m excited to see who’s interested!


I may be interested! Are we each creating a pattern and swapping it in the group?


I don’t Instagram! I’m out.

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I’d be interested :grin: I actually just had an idea if it’s winter/holiday themed


I don’t have instagram so sorry…

Sent you a message!

Sent you a message!

I don’t have Instagram sorry