Anyone is having IG problems with its algorithm?

Hi there girlsss!

I was wondering if anyone else was having issues posting, making reels or reaching her/him target audience on IG.
Since more than two weeks Ive been having this problems and I don’t seem to locate what could be.
Thank you in advance!

If this does not belong here lmk and I will proceed to erase the post!


My audience has dropped a lot the past 2 weeks.
Hopefully something thats sorted soon


I struggle to get a decent reach regardless tbh idk what I’m doing wrong :thinking:


There are a lot of “not girlsss” here, in case you’d like to hear from them as well.


I googled what might be causing this sort of things and you Will never imagine what is one of them:

The IG algorithm considers putting t’he same hashtags in two differents post as spam so they shadowban you.

So girls, Let’s change them in every post.


nothing has really happened to me, but hopefully whatever is happening with you gets solved soon!


My engagement always seems to be low and I do everything possible to follow good social media marketing practices. I built my career through college in marketing and Instagram has always been my biggest struggle :joy: One thing I cannot do is funny skits in reels lol, that’s just not me.

I feel like some people just blow up and you just have to hope you create something that people will really want to share with their followers. Sharing is what will bring you the most engagement, but you can’t really force other people to share your posts.

Supposedly you can check if you’ve been shadowbanned by checking to see if your post displays within the hashtags you used on that post from an account that doesn’t follow you. I manage a few accounts for other clients so I was able to check mine that way, but you could always have a friend unfollow you and then search the tags to see if your post displays.

I use similar hashtags on every post and I have not been shadowbanned! I do hate Instagrams algorithm though, it makes it so hard for people to compete with accounts that already have thousands of followers. I think we just need to keep sharing what we love, stay authentic, and support each other as much as possible!


Your last paragraph is what I actually feel about all social media.
If you stay true to yourself and your inner side, without copycating anyone, the morè you are thrown in my opinion to have success.


Oh? So you’re not a “grown up” girl?


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You got a point there, thanks for pointing that out.


But I don’t think anyone would get offended by that since is not something said in an offensive way.
I put “girlsss” in a nice way, as if I could have posted “fellas” or anything else :sweat_smile:

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