As you may know….

Hi everyone,
I wanted to make a topic in honour of the Queen of England, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was, and is, the longest reigning British Monarch. As you probably know, she passed away this very afternoon. I, for one, was in my last class of the day when I found out. You, and I, could’ve been anywhere else. I find it a bit ironic that I was in History class. I would like to commemorate this stunningly astounding monarch, one of the greatest if not the greatest influential woman of our day. I know this is such an impactful, pivotal moment in many lives, and certainly in history. This is especially devastating for those of you who are British and Canadian, and also many, many others. Please join me in celebrating the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in mourning her passing away, may she rest in peace. I really hope + pray her son Charles will step up and be a good king. “God Save the King”
Thank you.


A while back we watched a show about her, and the family. What an amazing life she led.


She certainly did. Was it the Crown?


i was in my last class too. i was in drama class and we were doing skits in duos and trios introducing our friend as a character (real or made up) and my friend was introduced as Queen Elizabeth. when the skit was over my drama teacher said “Queen Elizabeth just died earlier today” and she pulled up several articles :frowning: may she rest in peace, she was an amazing monarch and she started a new era


I don’t think so. Seems longer ago.


:open_mouth:Oh, my gosh! Wow, so ironic… such a pivotal moment in history!


Amen, amen, amen. So, so true. Such a key figure as well!


Ok, if you ever figure out or remember the name do please let me know! :two_hearts:


I found out earlier today through my friends Instagram stories .


Rest In Peace Her Royal Highnesses Queen Elizabeth II.

I love her so much and she was and still is such a phenomenal and Inspirational person all over our world. Queen Elizabeth II had such an amazing life and did so much for her Family and people of her Nation and the Commonwealth.

God Save and Take Care of our Wonderful Queen Elizabeth II and God Save King Charles III.

It was 7 am here in Brisbane, Australia soon after the new broke. I think it would be about 9pm in London.
I was crying as I love the Royal family so much.

Harry and Megan’s children are now named Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet under King Charles. I believe that Harry and Megan are currently in the UK and have been so for about a week. I don’t really know if Queen Elizabeth ever got to meet Lilibet, possibly in Harry and Megan’s last trip a few months ago. I don’t really remember.

It’s really sad that the poor Cambridge Family just moved to be closer to Queen Elizabeth. The Cambridge Children just started their new school a few days ago and are now mourning the loss of their Great Grandmother what Charlotte called Gran Gran


SHE was Indeed a great Queen!! Im from Spain and we dont have that great majesty. May her soul rest in peace, she Will be now with her sister and husband​:heart::yarn:


I was in my last class, as well, I was in social studies. Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II , you will never be forgotten :pensive:.