Asking ppl who have done tester calls before

Hi I recently made a pattern (I won’t give any spoilers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) and wanna test it out. But im new to ribbler and don’t really know what to do so I’m asking for any tips on how to do tester calls and make patterns. Thank you!
Edit: Thank you so much to those who helped me!!


To post a tester call, you can click the little checklist that is in the corner of the pattern, then you select post a tester call! In your tester call you can include a due date and any other requirements you have for the testers. And the testers will help you make sure your pattern is accurate and written correctly!



Remember to add a due date that isn’t too long as well. I would say about 2 weeks is good and also stick to no more than 15 testers. This was manageable for me. Also don’t forget to make a group cht by clicking the message testers button like on EVANLYNfleurb’s response!:yellow_heart:


Welcome to ribblr
when i first did it i put what i thought worked. then i posted it. then @NessCat posted a tester call and i noticed mine sucked
in a tester call you want to have any requirments stated(yarn color size jornul chat etc.)
then the due date and at the top an intro
make sure your post has a picture so people can click to apply and in the post you can tell them you will gift pattern when done if you like


When I post a teater call this is the information that I generally try to include:

  1. Skill level
  2. Due date (I will also add when I will select testers and when I will release the pattern)
  3. Any special skills needed to complete the pattern (i.e., color changes, sewing, crocheting things together, etc.)
  4. The BIGGEST part, requirements (i.e., journals, yarn weight and type - if any, yarn colors -if any, any expectationsyou hvae for testers, etc.)
  5. How many testers I will select

Honestly you can take a look at many of the past tester calls to get an idea of what to add.


here is a testerscall from me but there are better ones (not from me)




as a tester i really appreciate it when designers let us know when they’ll pick testers! it helps me to plan my time much better when I know the exact number of days i will have to test.

i see many designers add little statements (eg “put a :sunny: emoji if you read everything”) to check whether potential testers are reading all their requirements - i think this also helps them with choosing testers


Ribblr s help center has information on this


My most helpful tip is really simple but I kinda really fudged on my first test! So make sure you have chosen all of your testers before sending a group message!!


When it comes to writing patterns up theres automatic numbers on ribblr writing if you have a pdf or document you can upload them via computer and it will mostly be the same so you can edit a few bits.
Colours can be added us ‘col a’ or ‘colour blue’ ect.
I think sizes are the same but they need to be named the same in the materials and sizing sections.
You can upload pictures and videos on each row. You can only add one image per row.
If you have any issues feel free to message me and ask.