Auto-Saving Patterns. Lost work

Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I was working on a pattern, Opened another pattern in a different tab (wanted to get similar wording to copy). I copied the info over and continued to work on the previous pattern. When I tried to exit the pattern it seemed to go back to the pattern I copied from (as if to continue working) and not save any work. Obviously this was a mistake on my end ( I believe) due to opening multiple patterns. But if the patterns are to save ever few seconds, shouldn’t I have at least something else saved?

I am concerned of writing all my patterns straight into Ribbuild in case this were to happen again. Is there a save button I am missing or an alert saying the pattern has updated/saved?

Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this. Any suggestions are welcomed.



Yes I did this on the weekend. I wanted to copy a little bit of text over from another pattern. I had exactly the same problem.
I know you can tell when the pattern is saving - there is a little picture of a cloud with an arrow pointing up when it’s trying to save. This is shown at the top right of Ribbuild when I look at it.

I think possibly a solution would be to generate the PDF of the pattern you want to copy from and have that open to copy from instead of the other pattern in Ribbuild. Lir and Saar may have a better suggestion though?


Hi Kira!
First of all, we’re really sorry for the confusion and for what’s happened. We will investigate your specific issue further but also try to help you understand what has happened.

Ribbuild is auto saving for you and you might see the exit button changing to a little cloud icon once saving is in progress.
Unfortunately, for various reasons we currently do not support opening multiple patterns at the same time on the same device. Once you open a new pattern the system automatically switches and makes that one active for progress, syncing and saving. Therefore the other patterns that you’ve opened before are no longer active. That’s why you saw the previous pattern “change” to the new one.
We are working on a way to improve and make it clearer.

If you need to copy a a lot from a different pattern you can actually duplicate it! Go to your shop, click the settings icon next to the pattern you wish to duplicate, and hit ‘duplicate pattern’. It’ll take a minute or two and then you’ll be able to access the copied pattern and work from there. What @Abbeymade suggested is also a potential way to do it.

Hopefully this makes things clearer. We’re here for you if you need any help.


Thank you for the reply. I figured it was something I did wrong, lol. I appreciate all the feedback. I wouldn’t investigate too much if the system can’t open multiple patterns (this makes sense)

@Abbeymade suggestion makes sense if a line or two needs copied.

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:


That’s great :slight_smile:
We take a note of every feedback we get. Doing our best to improve and making things clearer for you is always a priority!


A similar thing happened to me—I was trying to post my first pattern @EllationsCreations , but the Info kept bringing up and error that it couldn’t save.
Then I’d retry and it still wouldn’t work.
It won’t let me post my pattern unless it has an Intro…
What can I do?
Thank you! :blush:

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Can you please send us a private message? We’d like to investigate this and solve it ASAP.

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Unfortunately that’s all I know.
Thanks for looking into it!

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Did you add an intro to your pattern?