Back button causes me to be above the post

Hi! I noticed something while I was in specific space (not while I’m in all spaces) whenever I click a post and back out I end up above the post and have to scroll down to reach the post again

Here’s screenshots to show what I mean, this is when I’m in the testing zone but this happens whenever I click a specific area that’s not all spaces (all spaces works fine and when I back out I’m at the same topic) the first picture is just the topic the second picture is when I click the project and the third is when I back out and I’m above the topic I just clicked on. In the photo counting the mushroom post I’m about 13 topics above the Ribblr testing call post, but the number it’s ahead does change

For reference I’m on my phone, a Android, and I’m on the app, I haven’t seen if this happens elsewhere, does anyone else have this issue? If yes, what device are you using and are you also on the app or website?



I have been having this issue too, I have an Iphone and it happens on my Ipad. I dont know if this is just happening to some people, but ive been on the app and website and it still happens.


I notice this if I reply in the topic that I open. If I only read and/or like the posts, then it usually goes back to the same place in my scrolling


Thanks for sharing! We can’t seem to reproduce this whilst testing on several devices. Is it possible it feels like it’s not going in the same position because the topic you replied on was ‘bumped’ up (because it has some new activity) ?


I’ve had the same issue!! It’s such a pain to navigate the community area with no back button. The closest I get is clicking the space where the post was posted to atleast get back to the area I was in but it doesn’t take me back to the same spot unfortunately. It also happens when opening certain tabs or pictures, it will open a new window that I can’t back out of unless I force close the app.


I don’t think that’s the case, since I tested it just by clicking a topic and backing out, strange it doesn’t appear on your end, what space did you test this in?

It was tested in multiple spaces with the same behavior - would you be able to take a short screen recording?

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Sure, this is in the testing zone space clicking on another topic, sorry for the quality lol

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Thanks! We totally get the frustration. Does it always jump to the same space from the topic you viewed? For example, one topic before or top of the page or does it feel completely random?
Thanks again :pray:


Sometimes it’s the two above the mushrooms post so I think it usually pops up from below the my last visit, the first 8 topics of the Testing Zone space doesn’t cause it to jump up once I hit the backspace

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That’s a strange one. Could we ask you to send a full length video to us via private message? If possible upload it to a drive so our engineers can easily download it.