Back button on app

Hey @ribblr. Would it be possible to add a back button on the app? I’ve seen another post about this but the suggestion on there (to swipe left) doesn’t work for me. So when I search for patterns and click on one I like, there’s no way for me to go back and I have to start again. The same thing in the community section.



Do you use Android with the traditional three-way navigation menu?
If so, clicking back using the phone menu should bring you right back to your previous search location.
If you don’t see the menu, please swipe up from the bottom of the screen or down from the top of the screen to bring it back. Our next update should allow you to always see it.

Alternatively, if you use an iPhone or Android 10+ with the new navigation system swiping left is the new way to go “back” natively using the system’s gesture.

Hope this helps but do let us know if you have any more questions or need further help.


Ah! That’s done it. Swipping up brought the menu back which I couldn’t see. I thought I’d tried everything. :see_no_evil:Thanks for answering so quick. Looking forward to the next update :slightly_smiling_face: