Bad karma

Ok so this may be a good idea but what if there was also a way of getting non completed karma because sometimes its really hard picking people for tests cause theres no way to tell whether someone has no karma because theyre new or never applied to tests before but then it may be because they never complete tests and are really unreliable, some people could say well one way to fix that problem would be to not pick people with low karma but then how is that fair if theyre new and wont get picked because of how low it is, i think this way it would be easier so after the due date is up and someone hasnt completed, you can obviously message them and if they dont reply or have no reason to not be done you can just click a button that says didnt conplete in time and itll give them a bad point because this has happened to me so many times where people wont complete and then i have only 1 or 2 out of 4 people who finish,
Please consider this @Ribblr x


I like this idea!


I kinda like this idea too. It would be nice to have something to note which creators also aren’t really great at communicating too cause I’ve had it happen where I test and have a week to finish, but when I come across a problem, I didn’t hear anything back for 3-4 days. In the meantime though, one thing to check would be the profile to see how new they are vs their recent activities (I don’t think it shows everything, but shoudl be enough to give you an idea of how active they are)


I agree. It would be nice to have some way to tell if a tester will be a good fit. A way to give feedback on testers or something would be nice too

I had a tester who had 20+ karma and they never replied to any of the group messages and completely ghosted, yet their karma kept going up during the duration of my test cause they were massively aoplying to everything and just picking and choosing which ones to complete. And they’re still applying to tests, too, and I just find it sad that people’s time is wasted like that.


ooooh yes pls!


yea good idea


I can see this being a good feature, as long as people do not wrongfully give bad karma :smile:


I’m guilty of doing multiple tests at once, but I only take a couple at a time to make sure I have enough time to do them both. and I also switch between them so I’m not just leaving one behind until the last minute. It hasn’t happened yet, but if I were to be accepted and something happened that wouldn’t allow me to complete it, I’d at least reach out to either have myself removed from testing or see about an extension. Communication is essential to make things work for both testers and creators. At least a quick note is better than being ghosted


I agree. It seems like there would be potential for it to be used incorrectly unless there is a way to make sure the points are only counted when attached to a specific project. That way someone can’t just go in and stick bad marks up. Or have it so that it can only be done so often (cause I read that some people will give a tester a 2nd chance)


It would be good and bad at the same time because what if the person whos getting their pattern tested accidentally gives them bad karma or you say you cant finish in time and they still give you bad karma. I mean it would have its pros and cons


Maybe a way to counteract from giving undeserved bad karma would that the designer would be required to input a reason why they are giving it.

Or instead when a designer removes or gifts pattern/karma they are able to give a quick review of the tester. Or give a star rating and can elaborate if they want.

Just a bit of fruit for thought.

I have had wonderful testers and there are testers that I am unlikely to choose again. It’s just not great that you kinda have to go through the growing pains of finding those testers that you know you can trust.


Oh yes! That would be cool kind of like a journal but instead of the journal reviewing the pattern its reviewing the tester! I think that would be way better then bad karma and i think it would be more fair towards the tester


I like the idea of a star rating and comments. The star rating might work better for people that are newer. For example I have 6 karma right now, but it would give better insight if you could see if I had 4.5 of 5 based on 6 tests or a 2 of 5 from those same 6 tests


Another good idea might be a thumbs up/down rating on communication


That’s what I thought! That way designers can read (or see the star rating) those reviews from other designers and decide if this would be a good tester for them.

Or you can even break down the star rating further into categories like: communication, timeliness, etc.


I love this idea! As a designer it is fustrating when newbies apply, as well as creators who have karma & ghost you. Thats why i will add anyone who hasnt applied to my tester calls before/ ones i know who are reliable. I put in the tester call " Communication is key, be active in groupchat or youll be removed" You really have to be sturn, I usually give 3 days for response during the 8 day testing period & if no answer youre removed! No need to wait a whole testing period for someone to answer if they havent answered the first 3 days.

I really love this idea of giving bad karma! Maybe then a creator will finish a project because they dont want their name out there as " Not reliable" haha but i do agree with @xhunni some could miss use the bad karma button for the heck of it, but then they wouldnt be in the right either! In all, this is a great feature if used correctly & fairly!

It may also be good if the " Bad karma button" isnt an option, we could always have like a rating that can be found under their profile “like reviews of someone” where if they didnt communicate, finish, etc whatever the reason we can put a reasoning to their name. Like rate 2 “Did not finish project on time”. And anyone can read them


I like the reviews idea because I think it would be more fair and understandable so it’s not like just pressing a button to give them bad karma because that won’t ever go away and it will most likely ruin their chance at ever being able to test again,
And I would be pretty upset if someone mistakenly gave me bad karma or gave me bad karma for no reason
and I think that has a high chance of happening

Reviews/ journals for the testers is for sure the better way to do it, because the people who have their pattern tested by that person can write specific information on what they did to deserve the say 1 star rating


I was thinking of it too, because this is quite annoying. Even people with alot of karma ghosted me. As well I don’t think that having 1 or 2 bad karma would totally stop someone from being accepted, because being late happens, and if the person communicates, I don’t mind. But it would be more a way of stopping people who take advantage of it and apply to everything without testing. They could not do it anymore, because they would have like 30 bad karmas. I also like the idea of the reviews, I prefer it too, because then we would know what to expect, and the designer would have to justify it. It would be nice to have a way to stop these people ghosting, because with the current system, they can do whatever they like, and it causes problems to the designers.


This is a good idea :smiley:


I like this idea too, but i feel like people would feel bad giving negative karma if that makes sense.

Theres often people who give reasons on why they didnt finish, and its difficult to know if they are genuine or lying.

For example, theres some people that i see in many tests but ive only seen them finish a few. And they apologize profusely and give excuses on why they couldnt finish… but then i see them apply to even more tests that same day.

I dont think a negative karma system would stop people like that, since they guilt you into forgiving them.

(Also i know stuff happens that prevents people from testing and its out of your control. Im specifically talking about people who constantly apply and fail to finish, knowing they wont have time)