Bag pattern I’m working on currently!

I designed and crocheted this cute shoulder bag recently and I started working on a pattern for it, but I’d like some people to test it out before posting it. It involves some simple hand sewing for the lining. Along with testing the pattern I’d like to know how the bag is usability wise (like are some elements difficult to use or get in the way, is it sturdy enough for everyday use etc)

I made this with starry night vibes in mind but I’m open to design suggestions for appliqués and composition layout.

If you want to be a tester for this message me on here or on Twitter @wiltedillos and I can get the pattern to you! I don’t have a set number of testers in mind, and this pattern is fairly simple but might be overwhelming for beginners. I’m hoping to have this up for download by the end of this year so testers would have to be able to finish it and give feedback by early December.
Over all this bag took around 6-8 hours to make and assemble in total.

(I do make and sell crocheted bags so if you have interest in having one made, you can message me about that as well :slight_smile: )

Thank you to everyone that helps out with this or has interest in this pattern!:two_hearts: