bandana ideas

i want to make my girlfriend some crochet bandannas, but i dont have anymore ideas! so far ive made her a dark blue one with stars and a skull themed one. her aesthetic is kinda pastel goth. she wears a lot of light pink and black. she likes astronomy a lot, and cute things. please help!!


Black with red roses
Spider web pattern


I saw a moon and stars bandana tutorial on youtube by a channel called Hands of i, looks super cute you could make it in black.
Or another idea, what about a pink bandana and then you make a black bow to attach to the top? Ithink that would be really cute.


i see you channeled your inner cheb :sunglasses:
but tbh i have no idea- :sob: ig like a pink one with little skulls or smth :skull: ehhe


Oh a cinnamoroll would be so cute, like with the ears of him!


Hmm since you mentioned pastel goth I’ll mention some things I know that fit that aesthetic :smile: along with just mentioning light pink and black as colors since you mentioned she likes them but any colors would work I’m not sure if you meant links to patterns or any ideas but here are some ideas

• A light link bandana with black bats/cats/her fav animal and or switch the colors with a black bandana and light pink fav animal

• A black bandana with a light pink coffin or vice versa for the colors

• A black and/or light pink one with crochet chains in the bandana/randomly around the bandana/the edge of it

• A black bandana with two pink crochet bandaids in an x layout or vice versa on the colors

For some astrology ones along with space in general

• A black bandana with constellations you embroidered with light pink yarn or vice versa on the colors

• A black bandana with the moon phases in light pink or vice versas on the colors

• A black bandana with the planets on them in pink or vice versa on the colors


I LOVE astronomy! You should make some moon granny squares and turn them into a bandana. You can find all sorts of astronomy granny squares! Good luck! I hope she likes them