Hi!, this is my first time making a beanie and im not sure wich yarn to use, is it better to use acrylic or cotton yarn? what size is it better to crochet a beanie?
can someone help me pls?:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I personally used acrylic!

You could use cotton depending on when you wear it, since it is warmer.


I usually use cotton, mainly for eco reasons since washing acrylic releases microplastics.
There are lots of great beanie patterns on the internet, they could be a good starting point because they’ll specify yarn weight and hook size. Here’s an example:
There are also lots of beanie patterns on ribblr, both free and paid.


I use acrylic yarn and because I stitch so tightly I use a 6mm hook (instead of the 4mm or smaller that most patterns call for,) in order to get the hat to the right size.
Also YouTube has some great tutorials for making crochet hats in the different sizes that helped me out an maybe they could help you to.

I do acrylic because i find acrylic stretches and retracts better than cotton

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I would suggest a size 4 or 5 weight yarn

I’ve always used acrylic yarn like Caron Simply Soft or Red Heart super saver because they are super warm. I really like the Lincoln Beanie pattern on here, it’s cute and textured with minimal gaps.

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I typically use acrylic or a wool blend yarn.