Been a While

It’s been a long ass time, lol.

Got a new job, so I’ll hopefully have more time to do crochet work again! I only work four days a week now, just depends on what all shopping and the like I’ll be doing on my days off, I guess.

I have plans for a little plushie I got the pattern of off of etsy, and my bestie is talking about commissioning me for a cowl-hood they saw on Tiktok, sooooo I hope to be doing more again!

I also went to the local apple festival here where I live (not gonna say where for personal reasons), and though they had a shit ton of craft selling spaces there were… very few, and I won’t like the craft selling areas were pretty sad looking this year. I’m thinking about crocheting up a bunch of themed stuff and seeing if I can join as a crafter next year o3o we’ll see how that goes!