Being able to see chat messages in the Notifications??


I love the new groups, it’s really fun to have your own space with some friends, but it’s slightly inconvenient how the actual messages don’t show up in the notifications. I feel like it would be really nice to have the option to be able to view the messages sent on the notification bar. Obviously, this isn’t an original idea, it’s something that is in apps like WhatsApp. But it’s something that would be really cool to see on Ribblr!

Sorry if this comes across as ungrateful.



What do you mean by this?

I’m tagging @Ribblr

I am all for improvements to the chat features. It is hard to find and manage replies when they’re split up between PMs, group chats, posts, likes, etc.! I’d prefer one dashboard with recent discussion involving me prioritized.
I have notifications turned on on my phone, but if I have multiples and click one they all disappear and then I have to hunt for what the other notifications were about. The pop-up summary menu I can get is helpful but not enough.


Thanks! We’ve logged your feedback.

If you click on your profile picture on the top right you should have all your notifications stores there and highlight for ‘unread’ states. Is this what you are referring to?