Best method to input odd pattern construction?

I’m in the process of inputting a pattern where there are only 3 repeating rows, and the pattern is worked in larger sections of these rows. When I created this pattern several months ago and formatted it on my own, I had the rows written out at the top of the page, and then below I told the knitter which row they needed to knit for each section block, instead of writing out the instructions over and over again. Since Ribblr’s ePattern format is more interactive, should I write out the instructions and just add the row range?

On that note, if I have a PDF that is formatted for a more “printer-friendly” page structure, is there a possibility of adding a PDF upload feature for patterns like the one I described above?

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Hi Will!
First let me say I love the shawl and cowl patterns you added! :clap:

That’s a wonderful question!
Basically, overall it’s up to you to decide how you want to write it, and in both ways your customers will be able to enjoy our interactive features.
If you write the lines at beginning of your pattern as you normally do now, crafters will be able to jump to that section from wherever they are by clicking the go-to menu. They will also be able to mark off the lines again and again (when you click a header, the whole section will be marked, and when clicked again it will be un-marked).
If you want to, you can re-write the instruction throughout the pattern as well, we wanted to keep Ribblr more personal and allow designers to write as they prefer.

Our quick copy-and-paste feature works on most patterns, so feel free to try it out with different pattern layout and see if you’re happy with it. You can always re-arrange your pattern and edit it to your liking.

Hope I was able to answer your question! If you need more help let me know!
Lir :purple_heart:

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