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Hi everyone!
It has come to my attention that there is a formatting issue within my patterns on Ribblr. I use copy and paste to transfer my patterns from a document to ribbuild, the Ribblr pattern software. The issue arrises when there is a multiple pattern repeat.

For example: Row 9-14. Repeat rows 5 & 6. Ribbuild auto separates the rows, so you can check them off when you’ve finished a row to help you keep track, but it’s bringing down all of the same instructions as well. So instead of a “Row 9. Repeat R5, Row 10. Repeat R6…etc.”, it’s saying "Row 9. Repeat R5&6, Row 10. Repeat R5&6…etc This will give you double the amount of rows actually called for.

I was unaware of this, as it does not show that way on the back end when I upload or edit patterns, so I’m not even sure how many of my patterns have this issue in them.

I will get the patterns updated as soon as I can, but this being the busiest time of the year, I probably won’t be able to edit them until the new year.

In the meantime, please keep in mind that you will not repeat two rows in one row of instructions and that odd row instructions go with odds and evens with evens (Example: Row 9,11,13,15…etc Repeat Row 5; Row 10,12,14,16…etc Repeat Row 6)

I was able to update the Corgi and Beagle today and I will continue to work on them as I get spare time!


Thank you so much for this update. I’m always happy to see a designer communicate the mistake and try to fix the problem. :hugs:


It has been my experience so far that ribbuild does not support copy and paste to or from, no matter how many times it gets said that it does.
It’s a pain at first, but I like that it makes it harder to infringe on copyrights and “steal” IP


Thank you so much for communicating with us! :heart::heart:


So, is the new pattern that’s just published is correct?



Hi @BlackstoneDesigns !

First of all thank you for making an attempt to improve your patterns!

What you are describing is a feature that helps crafters track each line individually. Traditionally with PDF patterns and magazines, to save time and space, patterns would often say “repeat row 5-8 five times” instead of adding 20 more rows.

This is one of the key pain points for crafters when working as it’s incredibly hard to remember what you’ve done.
This is why we automatically let crafters track repeated lines (for example 5-8), shown in blue.

This is documented in our Ribbuild manual and throughout the help centennial for your reference.

We generally don’t advise writing “repeat row 5-6” but instead simply selecting both and duplicating them however many times you need. It takes seconds as our system automatically numbers the new duplicated lines for you. This will let your customers enjoy the best experience.
With that in mind, it’s up to you and we’ll still enable a counter when you use the word ‘repeat’.

As a general guideline - we always recommend checking your pattern before publishing by turning Ribbuild mode off and seeing the experience of a crafter.

Whilst our quick copy and paste does wonders to format your PDF pattern and make it interactive in less than a second, each pattern is different and proofing is always required.

Thanks and we hope the information above helps. We’re here if you need anything else :blush:




What about the rest of them? I’m still waiting to make the Beagle.