Blessed Beyond Belief

I want to share my experience of making a lifelong friend and fiber buddy over the internet.

In July 2018, I posted a photo of a doily I completed in a group on FB. Not long after, I received a PM from this amazing lady 1/2 the country away with praise on my work. We chatted, then video chatted for a few weeks. She told me she once owned a yarn shop, but due to health concerns she had to close it. She brought the entire store inventory home!

After several more conversations, she asked if I would like some crochet thread she had from the shop. Of course! I offered to pay her, but she only asked that I pay for the shipping and that I would use it in my projects. She is forever known as my “Yarn Angel”. I get a box every month or so with all kinds of goodies and the yummiest yarn ever. Though most is discontinued, it’s every bit as good as the day she put it on the shelf in her shop.

We haven’t met face to face yet, but I have a trip planned for next spring to visit her. She’ll soon be 79 and doesn’t travel much. I’m more than happy to make the trip.

I know we have to be cautious of online interactions with strangers, but this one time I took a chance and God put this wonderful, gracious woman in my life. I am forever grateful. :hearts:

I write this today because I received a new box this morning! Cheers!


That is so sweet :two_hearts:
I hope you guys get to meet :heavy_heart_exclamation:

most of my friends started as online yarny friends.
And many gave sent me parts of their stash (to make room, because they didn’t like it or they didn’t want the leftovers)
I love it all :smiley:


Great story. I hope your visit turns out well for the both of you. Blessings


This is so wonderful! I hope to see an update of when you guys meet and how it goes!!!


Wow! That is so amazing. What a wonderful blessing!


that is amazing. there is this lady(I don’t know her) who gave me lots of yarn but my mom holds the giant stash in her closet.(3 giant trash bags!!!)


That’s beautiful, praying you get to see her. For me, so pleased I got to say goodbye to an older lady who functioned as a wonderful aunt to me.


Totally! You’ve gotta be super careful, but I’m so glad you made the executive decision to keep in touch with her! I will be praying for your trip to go well and that your friendship grows :pray:
Ooh! Congrats on the new delivery, have fun looking through it and (eventually!) using it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:


Thats so sweet :heart:


This us such a blessing God has brought you 2 together and it so special how you meet ine day.