Brand New User Question

Just joined and…so excited to finally have an option for a community other than “it who shall not be named”! My newbie questions are, will we eventually be able to keep our stash inventory on here and will we eventually be able to use this as a crochet journal? I am not good at keeping either in handwritten form, there has not been a viable alternative to the other community and…I am geeking out that you guys are doing this!! Thank you, thank you, thank, you!!! I am beyond grateful and excited!!!


Hi Cindy and welcome to Ribblr! :purple_heart:
Stash inventory of some sort is definitely something we’re considering adding in the future!
With regards to keeping notes about your patterns, you can already do this in various ways. First of all, you should check out the doodle mode which is available on our Ribblr ePattern. This will allow you to not only draw/doodle on any part of the pattern but also add text boxes! Also, you can mark your progress by clicking on any line in your pattern or even an entire section. Everything is automatically saved and synced for you and you can continue right where you left off on any device.

Hopefully this answers all your questions :slight_smile:
We currently work as a small team so some things might take us a bit longer but we’re constantly working on new features, updates and improvements!
Thanks for taking the time to write and share your feedback. If you have have any other suggestion or need some help we’re here for you.


I understand about working on big projects as a small team!!! My question regarding using this as a crochet journal was not so much about drawing on, or marking progress on patterns but rather about uploading photos of our finished projects and info on how long it took us to make, etc. Sorry if I am bombarding you with questions…I am just so excited to finally have an alternative site to use!!! You are truly an answered prayer!! Keep up the good work!!


Hey Cindy!
Definitely no need to apologise and do feel free to ask away :blush:
We love getting feedback from our community! You’re helping us shape the future of the crafting industry and provide you an even better crafting experience.

We have so many features lined-up and project managing is on the list :wink:
Thanks again for the kind words, it truly means a lot! :purple_heart:


I hope this is the right topic to ask a new user question. Can you provide information on your pattern payment “interface”? Admittedly I am very familiar with PayPal, what system does Ribblr use?

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Hi and welcome to Ribblr!
Ribblr integrates with Stripe, a secure and modern service (also trusted by the likes of Google and Amazon) to process payments.
You can learn more about Stripe here:

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Thanks:). I’m in the US & haven’t used Stripe yet

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I couldn’t find the answer in any of the posts, so am asking here. You’re probably aware that crochet patterns can use US terminology or UK terminology. Does Ribblr tell you before you purchase which “version” you are getting so you don’t accidentally buy the wrong one. I use US terminology.

Also it would be nice if Ribblr could convert one version to the other (too much to ask probably).

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Hi Anita!
The idea of Ribblr ePattern is that it’s fully interactive and offers plenty of automated features. One of them is our auto-translator!

You don’t need to worry about buying the right version ever again.
Designers don’t have to enter both terms, we simply translate everything for them and for the crafters.
Inside Ribblr ePattern you’ll see at the top right corner an option to choose between English US and UK (small flags) - simply choose your preferred language and the pattern will automatically translate all the terms for you.

It’s also important to mention that once you save your preference we’ll automatically apply it for you the next time you get a different pattern so essentially you only need to choose once!

Check out this video:

More videos are available on our Youtube channel:


Thank you:). Glad to know you have YouTube videos too. I taught myself before the internet was widely available so videos would be really nice.